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Product Overview

Tazer DT is an essential tool for owners of the new 2019 + Ram 1500 (New Body Style Only, including Ram TRX)

Simple, plug-in installation – simply unplug the SGW module and plug the Tazer DT Mini in its place. It is located above the OBD2 Diagnostic connector.

There are two sets of features – those that program the vehicle to accommodate modifications made to the Ram, and “live” features.

These are all accessed using the dash display, using steering wheel buttons to navigate the menus.

Settings – once the Tazer is “married” to the Ram, the following menus can be accessed. Unmarrying the Tazer DT will bring the settings back to stock.

Perf menu:
Adjust for alternate tire sizes up to 41″
Adjust for alternate axle gear ratios
Adjust for an alternate transfer case LO range ratio

TPMS menu:
Disable the TPMS system if desired
Change font/rear TPMS warning PSI limit

Radio menu:

  • Disable Backup camera
  • Enable Cargo/front/undercarriage Camera input
  • Enable CD audio input
  • Disable Travellink (weather warnings included)

Lighting Menu

  • Change DRL location
  • Disable DRL Dropout
  • Enable Fog lamp output
  • Disable Fog lamp dropout
  • Disable one-touch lane change
  • Disable Halo’s
  • Set LED 3rd brake light type.
  • Set LED Fog light type
  • Set LED tail lamp type
  • Set LED front turn signal type.
  • Set Trailer Tow output for use with Mopar kit

Other menus

  • Disable/Enable Front and Rear Lockers (for axle swap on Powerwagon)
  • Enable Aux switch settings on the radio
  • Enable Blind spot detection (sensors required)
  • Change cluster splash screen to various Ram models
  • Enable/Disable PANIC button on remote


  • actory to only operate when parked, but can be unlocked for off-road, parade, and emergency personnel use.
  • Automatic Power folding mirrors – mirrors fold and extend when the ignition is turned on/off
  • Control front windows up/down from keyfob
  • Disable Navigation in-motion lockout – enter addresses while the vehicle is moving
  • Disable camera lockout – use the backup camera and/or added cargo/front/undercarriage camera at any speed for any length of time
  • Auto Traction Kill – remembers the last state of traction control and will set it on start-up
  • Auto stop-start Disable – remembers the previous state of ESS system and will set it on start-up
  • Auto Tow Mode – remembers the last state of Tow mode and will set it on start-up
  • TurnCAM – can turn on backup camera whenever turn signals are used
  • 0-30 and 0-60 timers
  • Cooldown mode – run engine fans when Ram is off, to aid in cooldown
  • Winch mode – raise engine idle to 2000 RPM while winching or jumping another vehicle
  • Line Lock: Can lock front brakes for an easy burnout
  • Rock Crawl: Can lock all four brakes by pressing steering wheel buttons to hold the vehicle still, especially helpful when off-road.
  • Button Mapping: Use cruise up, down and right buttons as quick-access to some of Tazer DT’s functions, when cruise control is off
  • Clear Check engine light



(No reviews yet) Write a Review